Take Up Reason

When will men take up reason, worship it, put on Wisdom and become the Gods I have called them to be? I am a fragile man, whose strength is perfected in weakness, never seeking glory above the All, but being the same man of god, who always comes to show men the Light. While I am NOT them, because the Spirit was the same, we are in fact one another and the body of the Being Of All. God becomes humanity, by way of initiatory means and the dispensation of spiritual heritage; the children of the Light reflecting the Way Of Goodness. A man may dispense the essence of life, but fall to the depths of shame for lack of vision. It is by every word what proceeds from the INFINITE MOUTH.

We should put The Law above all other interests in life, so as to see and experience the fullness of life. Attention to detail is the very life breath; for without reason, there is no truth and without Truth, the very source of life’s lessons, we lose our way and discover life to be meaningless, when infact truth is refusing to yeild what is NOT true; that there is no hope. We must always be happy and positive, even if we live in the very valley of death’s shadow. God will deliver the Elect and reveal his Key to all of Humanity. The next ten thousand years will bring a progression of the perfecting of truth. For it is NOT their God who is wrong, but their teachers, who would rather eat flesh and teach “mankind” to dominate the Earth.

So what is the Law? It is the Word bathed in heaven, (seated in the highest place of morale, goodwill and spiritual attainment) that what never ever fails, always bringing redemption to the aspirant and the ascendant alike. The angels of our better nature would be found in that place of our highest and most noble endeavor. For the place of Spirit is infinite and keeps going, worlds without end. It doesn’t need a body. YOU ARE THAT! And yet they would ask, “how can a world NOT end?” By the same means as it is held together; the Infinite All! That what is NOT, but is the very womb out from which all things are formed consist. That what is nameless, but the very source of name and reason. IOUEL, the Lord God of heaven and earth! He alone is Imanuel! He is the source of all religion, but none may attain him!

It is Imanuel whom Jesus promised would be born in that time of far off tribulation; the Chosen One to appear, bearing the Key Of Life, that the children in the Garden would lie down and rise up with that Son Of Humanity forever and multiply their years to infinity! We must understand that the LORD GOD has spoken many times, to many peoples, eon, upon eon, up to this very hour. None may escape the destiny of the Law. It is INFINITE and it is ALL! By IOUEL, Mother Of All The Living, may you be blessed and find the Light Of All Truth! It is relished within the circles of any true religion. But like and by the Infinite Swan and by it’s virtue, will they skew away the lies and find the light of uprightness, by the Hermetic Writ. They will put on this Key!


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