The Path To Propriety

It is important to know that we are all the same. There is no such thing as an all powerful god-man; yet assuredly I say a person may live on endlessly, until they choose to lay down their body. No not like Superman, but by the promised Word Of Iouel, since an era what is immemorial to time as we measure it; entirely transcendant, eternal and self resplendent. Yet again, SHE is at the mercy of the human race; to be them, to correct them. Those who abandon the walk with reason cannot receive the truth. We have been taught what is and what is not; regardless of what the actual truth is. A person who loves truth first, can have a joyous life. He doesn't care what others think, only how the spirit leads. People who judge other people for being poor or unable to provide for their familes; these are blind accusers. They hate all who won't accept their worldly, idolatrous forms of the Master.

A Master is only a man, who has found favor with the Spirit Of Life. There is only uprightness in finding the One in all; seeing the good in people who may not seem good in our eyes or the eyes of our peers. Life has a way of coming back around and working things together for those who will love their neigbors, despite of their being different. For it is our differences which will define us in the end. Were we accepting of others? Did we resist the impulse to force our views on them? Would we not then be suited to receive of the Highest Wisdom, to indulge the Key Of Life? Instead of giving our hearts to unknown gods, give hearts, one to another. Humans who can't accept this, fare unwell in the Age Of Reason; to be reborn and made whole, in the day of the Chosen One!