The Almighty Will Kill All The Wicked

The Almighty will kill all the wicked! They are those who try to SAY, what God has said. Enoch warned us that Gadriel, would be known as GOD. This is a deceptive name, because we know that the order of Yaldaboath has established what we see as the truth, concealing My Name! They take a single book, to say that it holds all the answers to life; and that all other sources of information for such purposes, should be considered false and of the ENEMY, Satan! They should know that I am their Accuser and I will accuse them before the LORD, for disobeying the first commandment of God; Love Thy Neigbor, even as theyself. Those who do not believe in loving their fellows, will die!

Those who HATE the Word, seek to deceive Humanity with books, lies and threats; these have taken away many testimonies from what God has said. They will pay in hell for their lies and their love of money. Blessed are the poor, for theirs is the Garden Of God. They will eat the fruit of the vine and make meats from plant based nutrients, living on and on, without end; even as the Earth abides forever! Those with all the knowledge would seek to know how a world could be endless, but it is THEY who do not really believe Iouo, The LORD! When we are balanced, the Earth will know harmony again; and when we do not stray, she will become brighter and brighter, shining forever, without end of days.

When the above and the below are one, we shall live on and on, like the spirirts around My Throne in the above. I have not memory of it, only the knowing of the LORD, with intensity and fervor. He was with me from birth, and became my God from my mothers womb. I am only a man, but also a child of the Light, with the Key Of Life in hand, to hold me safe for now and all eternity. The Law is my True Father and I am one with the Light, out from which I have appeared. Those who will read the scriptures, should search ALL scriptures, even every book ever used, to bring glory to the Creator. 

It is the Initiates who fill the gaps of understanding, and while the Lord is able to accomplish his work around their mistakes, they have still displeased the Almighty, by pretending to hold the Authority of the Word. They have taken away many books and principles, leaving Christianity a dead religion! And while the LORD is still mighty to save, THEY have disobeyed him and lied with the rulers of this world; those who love wealth and themselves only. They care not for the poor or bringing them the Key Of Life, in the Garden Of God. They have their reward! The One who takes My Key and wears it faithfully, loving Imanuel and Humanity, that one will never ever die!


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  1. Paul Francis Germana Avatar

    Share the key of life with everyone who can hear and is humble. Let them know what the Spirit has revealed to you about it. May you live on to see the exaltation of worlds.

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