• I Call On All Of Humanity

    I call on all of humanity to find the Way and understand the need to renounce flesh eating. We who serve the Lord know deep down, there is only one thing keeping us from purity. It is the need to truly be clean in the eyes of God, to truly be worthy to put on…

  • One Who Takes Life’s Key

    One who takes the Key Of Life is seated in the Garden Of Life, seeing as he has renounced the patriarchal deceptions of the day and has resolved to let the providence of nature determine the Highest Good, for himself and his fellows. Why would I say this? Because natural selection is best to assert…

  • Receiving The Light Of Life

    We must connect with God; put off doubt, fear and wayward desire, for there is no love without feeling; if we cannot be soft enough to cry with gratitude before Barbelo the Spirit Of Life, then there is no solution to untie the knot. Loving God is NOT a task, a chore, or any kind…

  • We Are All God

    YOU are the very God whom you picked in service to Humanity, during your formative years; bearing you received the LORD of your parents.

  • You Are A Star

    For what is upright, is upright by the Law, and law the predacessor leading to Greater Law, that they may unravel the mystery of life thereby and share it with others.